Different Types Of Bonuses Given By Online Casinos

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Online casinos today offer bonuses to enhance player experience as well as to gather new players. Many players in online gambling websites are young players, and it is expected that new players will arise from young aspirants who want some form of recreation. Veteran players from live casinos are also expected to begin playing at online gambling websites because of the entirely different playing experiences that they will get. Bonuses are an established way to get these players to begin playing.

Bonuses come in many forms, and here are some of them:

Welcome Bonus:

The first deposit bonus, welcome bonus, or match bonus is the most common form of bonus that online casinos give. Whenever a player puts real money into his online gambling account for the first time, he receives a bonus proportional to the amount of money deposited. However, the player can’t use the bonus money immediately; he has to satisfy certain playing requirements before he receives the bonus money. Sometimes the player’s bonus is a fixed small amount (say $10 or $25) that a player receives immediately.

Reload Bonus:

The reload bonus is a bonus meant for players who have been playing for some time in online casinos. Reload bonuses are just like first deposit bonuses, except that the bonus amount is usually smaller. Nevertheless, reload bonuses are still bonuses, and these bonuses can be repeatedly invoked so that a player can sustain his bankroll. Like in first deposit bonuses, there are also playing requirements, so players will really have to play harder and longer to avail of reload bonuses.

Preferred Bonus:

The preferred deposit bonus is a bonus that a player receives this way: An online gambling website usually favors certain money processors to receive players’ deposits. Whenever a casino offers a preferred deposit bonus for a certain money processor and a player deposits money into his account using that processor, the player receives a bonus amount. So this is like the reload bonus. Again, some playing requirements must be satisfied.

Refer a Friend Bonus:

The Refer-a-Friend bonus is a special type of bonus. Whenever an existing player in an online gambling site refers a new player (by following instructions given by the online gambling website) and the new player deposits money for the first time, both players receive a bonus amount! Such is a good way for online casinos to increase their player base. Existing players can refer one or more new players so they can take advantage of the Refer-a-Friend bonus repeatedly.

Loyalty Bonuses:

Loyalty bonuses are bonuses that some online gambling websites give to players who have been playing for a long time already. These loyalty bonuses include participation in special events, rakeback deals, and even free items. Just as new players deserve all the excitement that they get, elite players should also receive something so that they’ll continue playing and having fun.

No Deposit Bonuses:

Free money where no deposits are required on your part. You sign up with a casino that offers a no deposit required bonus of let’s say $100. You redeem the no deposit bonus coupon without depositing even one cent and the next moment after you clicked redeem coupon you will see that you will have that $100 in real cash in your casino account.

Free Spins Bonuses:

You sign up with a casino that offers a free spins bonus offer and when you redeem the free spins bonus coupon you will be able to play the slot machine the free spins bonus is for. Let’s say you go for a 25 Free Spins on the Coyote Cash Slot from Club Player Casino. After you signed up, you will be able to play Coyote Cash slot machine with 25 free spins. What you win, you keep. (After the bonus requirements are made. Make sure you always read and understand the bonus requirements that come with any casino bonus you take out.)

Free Hour Casino Play Bonus:

Some casinos offer a certain amount of free money and one hour to win as much money as you can with that money. These are the so called $XXXX Free and one hour free casino play bonuses.  The way these work is you select one of the casinos that offer this type of casino bonus. You sign up and the moment you log in to your new casino account there will be an amount of bonus money waiting for you. Play for an hour and try to win as much money as you can. After the hour is over, you get to keep your winnings. Most of the times, up to a certain amount of money as is stated in the bonus requirements that come with these type of bonuses.

For instance Grand Mondial Casino gives you $2500 Bonus & 1 Hour Free Play to win as much as you can. Golden Tiger Casino gives you $1500 Free Bonus & One Hour Play and Yukon Gold Casino will give you $1000 Bonus & One Hour Free Play. That’s three cool casinos, three hours of fun and $5000 free casino bonus money! Of course you will win money!

There are plenty of great casino bonuses being granted by online casinos here and there. Players will truly find it a fruitful time to gamble online today, because bonuses will provide them volumes of additional fun.






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    Hi Sue Anne,

    This is a great article full of valuable information about the bonuses available. What is your personal favorite?

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    I too like the article. My personal choice would be any type of bonus really, as long as the wagering requirements are not so ‘mount Everest’. I think I have begun to like the free spins bonuses a lot, and, the (inhouse) no deposit required bonuses too. Play them wise, and you will end up with some cash. (As Walt recently documented / demonstrated)

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