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Hey you guys! There’s a new film in town and it’s on at a cinema near you! Only kidding, it’s actually a new online casino, but this top rated online casino USA is absolutely remarkable and a lot more different and exciting than any other online casinos I’ve ever seen. Roaring 21 Casino is one of the most thrilling online casinos I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing at.

Roaring 21 Casino:

Play in Roaring 21

With its inventive and ingeniously thought up name, Roaring 21 casino is accurately based on the roaring 20’s with the likes of New York gangsters Bugsy Siegel and Al Capone. Both Bugsy and Capone were ardent gamblers in the days when the Charleston dance was booming and the expensive gambling halls of New York city, Chicago and Los Angeles were all making an appearance.

Nowadays, gambling is a lot more attainable than it was during the 1920’s, and the doors are always open to greet you in a much more friendly and welcoming manner today. When you step into Roaring 21 casino, you are instantly drawn into the roaring 20’s era and all the excitement that goes with it. The casino relives the gangster phenomenon in the 20’s, but with a more updated, safer and more secure environment. Roaring 21 have an area dedicated to Al Capone, renamed Capone’s Cashback.

Roaring 21 Casino – Capone’s Cashback:

roaring 21 casino capones cashback

It generously offers the chance to collect money back from the deposits you made the day before and although Al Capone was a mobster, he was also quite a generous man too. Capone’s Cashback will certainly vouch for this as they give you 21% cashback, all the way up to a thousand dollars.

Another clever and well thought of area at Roaring 21 casino is the Speakeasy Slots Special. This is where your love for slot machines allows you to play for as long as you want to, within a great category of slot games. Speakeasy was the name they used to call the bootlegged bars in the 1920’s during the prohibition of alcohol, causing many a shootout as more of the speakeasy bars began popping up round the towns. Al Capone was renowned for running one of these notorious bars in Chicago around that time.

Roaring 21 Casino – Speakeasy Slots Special:

roaring 21 casino speakeasy slots

The Speakeasy Slots Special at Roaring 21 casino is a lot more friendlier and you get to open up a whole massive array of slot games to play, from new slots to long-term favorites, from Double Ya Luck to Cash Bandits 2. I was taken aback with this and I can well understand why it’s called the Slots Special. I don’t know about you but Slots are the casino games that I’m most passionate about, so I was delighted to find this classic addition at Roaring 21 casino.

The mobsters became rich thanks to running the speakeasy bars, so with a little of my favorite tipple and a night at the Speakeasy Slots Special, it really allowed my imagination to run away with me, back in time to the 20’s. I’d picked a good night too, as I was feeling lucky and what a fantastic time I had. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and felt very comfortable playing there while sitting in my easy chair at home.

Expect to spend some time too, because there’s a lot of slot games that will catch your eye and may just keep you happily engrossed for ages, as it did me.

Roaring 21 casino also takes you back in time again to Bugsy’s Table Club.

Roaring 21 Casino – Bugsy’s Table Club:

roaring 21 casino bugsy's table club

Now here’s the most exciting bit, because there you can sit down and play some real tough gaming the way Bugsy and the other hot shots played it. This is where you get your chance to be more daring, as you time travel to imagine yourself sitting inside a gritty, smokey room, playing against the boldest of players within a tense atmosphere.

When you make a deposit to play at Bugsy’s Table Club, the Casino gives you 66% to match it, which really came in handy for me. The games are in tip-top condition and come from the leading RealTime Gaming company. I won’t settle for anything less than RTG games, because in my eyes these are the coolest and most realistic games to play. So, my time spent playing the games at Bugsy’s was quite enjoyable to say the least. There was a bit of pressure, but not so much that I couldn’t handle it and this only added to the whole excitement of playing there.

The ambiance was good and I had a great time and, as it really lifted my mood I will definitely have to make this one a regular. After I got what I wanted from Bugsy’s, I headed over to the elite 24 hour Live Lounge and spent the rest of my evening there for some non-stop fun.

Roaring 21 Casino – 24/7 Live Lounge:

roaring 21 casino 247 live lounge

I was able to get a 55% all games deposit bonus and that kept the party going all night. I would highly recommend Roaring 21 casino to anyone and say to you all, not to pass out on this exciting opportunity. Take the big bonus offer of $4,300 because it has something for everyone here, and their bonuses and promotions are way better than any other casinos I’ve seen.

Roaring 21 casino has been cleverly put together with some great offers and a lot of top games to play. I’m in love the original design they have come up with, and for me this is the best and most exclusive place to be.

Click here to visit Roaring 21 and see it all with your own eyes!



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