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Hey there, My name is Jack, Born and bred in Australia and living in the city of Tamworth, New South Wales, which is around 395 clicks away from Sydney, for anyone who’s never heard of Tamworth. I wanted to talk about casinos because I just love them! I especially want to talk about one in particular that I’ve become a regular at. I’ve always been a keen player, been playing in land casinos for most of my 30’s and 40’s so I kind of know what I’m talking about. Now that I’m in my early 50’s I got into playing at online casinos and have become a real fan of them since. If you’re looking for a casino that’s both honest and genuine then hear me out because I reckon you’ll love it as much as I do!

It was getting a bit tiresome going out in the evenings, not saying I’m past it or anything, just not too bothered if I’m being honest. I find more comfort being at home in my comfy armchair, slippers, wife, dog Wally and two cockatiels Sunny and Twister. It’s less hustle and bustle staying home and even though you would be almost right to think a couple of cockatiels may just make more noise than a usual casino does, it’s only certain times when the birds get a bit skawky.

But hey I didn’t come here to talk about animals, as much as we all love them, I came here to talk about an online casino discovery I happened to come across called CasinoMax!

I think online casinos are beaut and a real bonus for people like me. I joined an iffy one when I first played online, which turned out to be bull dust and not worth a zack! Since that time I have now recovered and had the pleasure of playing online casinos such as Jackpot City and Spin Palace. Which are a couple of good online casinos but the one that’s the absolute bonzer for me is CasinoMax! Heaps of games galore and from what I’ve now seen and played they’re all tops on quality! Being a lover of pokies I thought I’d give it a burl because CasinoMax seemed to have a good choice there. I was right! Not only do they give you an ace bonus for free but the sound effects and graphics are fair dinkum!

Some online casinos tend to tell you this and that as reasons for why you should become a member with them, but when you get there it’s not what you thought it was. With CasinoMax they do exactly what they promise and are totally behind their players 100% all the way. As I said pokies are my thing but with all the games they have I’ve found myself dabbling in a quite a number and believe me you’ll find heaps of them! I’m not in need to make a quid but we all know what a buzz we get when we win all that lovely free cash.

I had another fair go the other day when the slot machine locked up and the music became louder! Yet another plus about playing online is that I can really let myself go and not have to worry about making a complete ass of myself! Makes the wife jump though, saying she doesn’t know which is worse, me watching soccer when a goal’s scored, or me winning at CasinoMax! The winnings are fantastic at this casino and if anyone out there is looking for the highest paying bonuses, free spins and best promotions then CasinoMax is where you should be heading. I reckon this has to be the best online casino out there. My advice would be to grab a coldie from the fridge and sit comfortably with a bit of the old amber fluid, because you’re going to find this casino just awesome!

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My name is Jack, I'm from Australia. I live in the city of Tamworth, New South Wales. I love online casinos, the games and gambling in general.

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  • Ann says:

    Hey Jack. Coincidence! We’re from the same city. And I too play in Casino Max. Aren’t they awesome? What a small world it is. 🙂 Nice going!

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