Difference between Online Casino & Real Casino Games

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Players of games of chance can now choose to play online casino games or live ones in a brick-and-mortar casino such as the ones found in Las Vegas. They can go out and play with other players personally or choose to beat the house on the internet. Both types however have pros and cons thus this should be considered prior to playing poker or rolling the dice.

The different casino games can be played online or offline. Gamblers can now play slot machines, craps, baccarat or keno on a computer aside from a real live casino house. If there is one thing a player can get out of a virtual game is that, he does not have to put on expensive clothes and spend for gasoline to get to a casino house as he can do this in his own room in his pajamas.

The rules in an online casino and an offline one is basically the same. There are only a few dissimilarities such as in the game of blackjack where the dealer may or may not hit on soft 17. Such differences though are pretty minor.

Online Casinos Offer More Convenience:

Another convenience of playing online casinos is the mode of payment. As long as a person has a credit card or debit card and the online casino he plays in is allowed to accept payments from his bank or credit card company, he can continuously play via money transfer. In a real live casino, he will have to go out to find an ATM machine to withdraw money if he runs out of cash. He must bear in mind though that there are laws in the U.S. regarding casino games on the internet so he needs to find out what options the casino website he plays in has regarding this matter.

Online Casinos Offer More Control:

Another good thing about playing online casino is one has control on the speed with which he wishes to play. A dealer who rushes players to decide immediately (usually present in an offline casino) is not around in the virtual one. One does not have to wait to play the game of his choice unless the game is poker. Bear one rule in mind and that is if you play faster without thinking, you may also lose a game fast.

Accordingly, bonuses in a casino on the internet are of bigger value. This is because they save money as they do not hire workers, do not spend on amenities and bills, and do not give freebies such as drinks or food to guests. The money they save from all of these can be offered as bonuses to players. It is also a good way to entice more gamers of chance to their site. Bonuses are also easy to play in the virtual casino whereas in the offline one, a person has to spend huge amounts of money to qualify for a bonus.

People who enjoy seeing plenty of well-dressed people, cigars and alcohol, and a musician playing on the background should go for an offline casino. But for those who want convenience and privacy, they should go for an online casino.





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    I prefer to play online for more than one reason. For one: I don’t think I should show up in a casino wearing what I wear when I normally play the slots. Don’t think I’ll even be allowed one step in the door.. Hahaha!

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