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The video of the Fucanglong Slot machine monster mega special feature win is below.

fucanglong big win on special feature grande vegas casino

Grande Vegas Casino:

I have been playing in Grande Vegas Casino for quite a few years now. They reward the players who have made at least one deposit during the month. And, already the beginning of March I had of course made my deposit. Just $50. Nothing special. I played with the $50 as I usually do, and then wait for all the Grande Vegas Casino bonus offers to come.

Grande Vegas Offers Many Bonuses..

And, they are plenty ful with pretty good bonus requirements with which you actually stand a chance to win some with. Does that make sense? I hope it does. It is what brought me to the:

Fucanglong slot machine:

About a week and a half ago, I log in to Grande Vegas Casino to see if there were any free spins bonuses or other type of free promotions been given out. And I was lucky. They were giving 25 free spins on the Fucanglong slot machine which had just launched.

Fucanglong slot is quite an impressive slot machine if you ask me. I liked the look of it and thought the gameplay to be exciting. I had 25 free spins on this I remind myself thinking before I clicked my first spin away..

Fucanglong Slot Special Feature

After 5 spins, the special feature hit and it gave me several free spins. Those free spins ended up winning me some money and so, I continued with the regular free spins. I ended up winning around $45 or so. This now had a 60 times wager requirement set so if I wanted to cash out anything, then this was my goal.

I took it slowly with low bets until I won a few big spins. Since it was bonus money, I decided to up my bets and see where it would take me. I had initiated the auto play button and was watching the spins roll. Once more it hit the special feature with which you get a number of free spins and I remember it winning quite some money on top of what I had already accumulated so far.

I went on to see if I could in fact make the wagering requirements this time, since I had been lucky so far, and to spare you the long details of it: I did manage to win enough that I could have cashed out should I have wanted to.

Instead, I decided to re bet the money I just won and then this happened.

Fucanglong Slot Special Features On Steroids..

Fucanglong slot machine gave me another special feature. This time however, it was the pearl feature. It was quite late at night. I was actually already ‘just about to go to bed’ when the feature hit. And, more than one hour later, I found myself still awake, up, looking at my computer screen.

The special feature gave me 285 in free spins. The feature’s rules are such that if the pearl value is lower than your win value, it will continue until that isn’t the case anymore. With other words, it will stop the moment your win amount is bigger than the pearl amount.

At the time the video starts, we’re already on spin 283. That took a long time to get there. Every spin takes a long time, let me tell you.

What else can I tell you? I can tell you that my casino balance went up from $13.38 to $478.70. This is real money. Not fun chips. Since I was playing with real cash, that I won from a bonus, after making the bonus requirements on that bonus, I am able to cash out the full $478.70.

In the video below you will see the last two minutes of the monster mega special feature from Fucanglong slot machine, while played in Grande Vegas Casino. Here’s the video:

Fucanglong Slot Special Feature Win Video:

Visit Grande Vegas Casino and see if you can do the same. You won’t be the first that will tell me they had luck some way or the other with this. Many of my friends are now like me, frequently inside of Grande Vegas Casino. We deposit a minimum of 1 time per month and wait for all the bonuses to arrive.

This time, I was very lucky. Next time, it can be you.

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    Nice win Walt. Took you (fucang)long did it? 😆

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      That’s too funny to be even possible.

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