My First Online Casino Experience At CasinoMax!

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My first online casino experience at CasinoMax by Dwight Williams.

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I have played in a few land based casinos in my time sure enough, but I would say I was a bit of a newbie when it came to playing an online casino. However, there wasn’t that much difference really, apart from that I hadn’t needed to take my car out of the garage this time! At least for now my car would stay clean from the windy and damp weather outside.

Well, while I was looking for a good roulette game to play, I stopped when I reached the first nicest, clear casino website that appeared to have professional and class written all over it.

The website was called CasinoMax, and I had no bother at all in maneuvering around it. So anyhow, I would say it was easy as pie to join and create an account, took me what, a few minutes in all I guess.

Clicked on a few things here and there before starting to play, just in case there may have been something I needed to know there. In fact I could see plenty of help detailed on each game for those that need it (may tell the wife!).

So then I thought, right then let’s see what these online casinos are really made of! At least I’d give it a go. Anyway I surprised myself I suppose, because at one point I’d even forgotten where I was! I was playing roulette and could hear the ball clonking about the wheel as it was spinning. I certainly hadn’t expected that and it seemed to draw me in, just like I was in my usual casino.

The only difference was I couldn’t hear the chattering sounds from other players and the atmosphere wasn’t there, like when you hear someone winning! But still, the sounds were the same, like the one’s you get from the roulette wheel, and the slot handle being pulled, along with that sound you hear from them lining up.

CasinoMax Slots Welcome Bonus Up To $9000 + 200 Free Spins:

On the craps table, the sound of the dice being chucked across that table and, the cards shuffling while playing blackjack was the same even! And I have to say what excellent graphics too!

For me personally, the fact being I was able to concentrate a lot more playing online, as opposed to land based casinos, especially on the poker games. Because of better concentration I was able to beat the dealer on several occasions. With this added luck it kinda made me more enthusiastic, so much so that I wanted to see what else CasinoMax had going on inside their casino.

I spent hours at this new online casino and it was well worth it. If I was to describe this feeling, then I think it was the best fun I’d ever had on my own! Ha! Yeah a nice online casino, very nice indeed! With a good rich color, looks the part and says money!

I don’t always feel like going outside the home but I sure do love a flutter. I do believe I have now got myself a new local casino and I sure plan on playing at CasinoMax lots more!

CasinoMax bonuses:

Since y’all are talking bonuses so much, you will be pleased to know that there are many of them. To begin with, there is the slots welcome bonus of up to $9000 in free cash. Accompanied by 20 free spins, every day, for ten days! That’s 200 free spins folks! Besides the slots bonuses, there are table game bonuses and other game bonuses too.

CasinoMax $1500 Other Games Welcome Bonus:

As a player in CasinoMax, you’ll get many frequent bonuses and there is never a max cash out limit. Seriously. Check them out. Click here, or any of the banners to Sign up and start playing!

Want to know more about this awesome casino? Read the official CasinoMax review!

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Dwight Williams.

About Dwight Williams

My name is Dwight Williams, or Dwill as my friends call me. I have played in a few land based casinos in my time and have recently begun playing in online casinos. Thank you for reading my posts here. I hope you like it, find it informative and appreciate it. On my part, I surely appreciate your visit a lot.

11 Responses to "My First Online Casino Experience At CasinoMax!"

  • Lisa says:

    Hi Dwight,
    Welcome to the ‘gang’! For your first ever article here, you’ve done a great job. I loved reading about your experiences. Was CasinoMax the first ever online casino you’ve played at?

    • walt says:

      I was thinking the same Lisa, it is a great first article. Well spotted young lady!

      • Dwight Williams says:

        Thanks Walt!

    • Dwight Williams says:

      Hello Lisa, nice to read your kind words. I have done my best. I’m glad you liked it. You are a real good writer too, I appreciate it.

  • Roland Kaiser says:

    Hello Dwight, I liked reading your article. Is Casino Max not the new brand from the people who made the Club World Casino group so great? I heard that for instance the casino manager left the Club World Casino group when things went wrong over there together with the other top people, and herself and these folks should now be running Casino Max. Does anyone know more?

    • walt says:

      Hello Roland,

      Just saw your question and thought I’d answer it for you. You are right in that the casino manager and some other high level staff left the Club World Casino group over some pretty bad and serious issues. They are indeed now part of the team that runs and manages CasinoMax. I can guarantee you that you will be in good hands there.

    • Dwight Williams says:

      Hi Roland, thanks for your words. I have not the slightest idea, but I see that Walt has already answered it for you. I have not played games in the Club World Casino group of casinos. Thanks for your comment!

  • Jillybean says:

    Hi Everyone, Ive just landed on this site and wondered if anyone could give me a bit more info?? I would like to try out an online casino but I’m a bit stuck as to which one to go for? I’m serious about finding one that, I not only can trust but one that pays out well and does what they promise. On reading one or two comments left under reviews about other casinos, I found there’s also some negative comments as well as good ones! I cant find any negatives about casinomax but I’m taking it that this is a new casino right? So far I think ive found what I’m looking for and would like to make this one the one I join.

    • Jillybean says:

      ….sorry msg sent before I was ready! lol. Carrying on where I left off… I’m told that casinomax is the one to go with because its run by one of the most experienced and honest persons in the business. Is this true? and am I right to follow my instinct? Thanks to all in advance. Jilly x

      • Dwight Williams says:

        Hi there Jillybean! Thanks for your message(s) 🙂
        Everybody you’ve been talking to about CasinoMax has been speaking the truth to you. That’s nice. CasinoMax is a great place. If you want to play in a casino you can rely on and can trust, then by all means: CasinoMax is the place for you.

  • John Dum Din says:

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