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Roaring 21 Casino

Roaring 21 Casino:

After quite a little bit of delay Roaring 21 Casino has gone live. It was meant to have gone live the first week of April, but the team behind Roaring 21 casino decided to postpone the launch up until the moment that everything that was meant to work actually worked perfect.

First, there was the delay with the custom build Roaring 21 mobile casino lobby, which if you ask me, is absolutely amazing. They did not want to open the casino and not have the special mobile casino in place. So, that was a good reason to wait a little. Then, last monday, when everything looked to be set ok, a few things were discovered that were not performing as they should, and they had to wait yet another few days.

But the 20th of April, Roaring 21 Casino has opened. And, what an online casino it is!

You can read our quick Roaring21 casino review I did, or you can start playing and take full advantage of the Roaring 21 Casino slots welcome bonus with 21 free spins on top! As a special opening celebration visitors from our site can get an extra set of 21 free spins on top of the Roaring 21 slots welcome bonus. So, in total you will get 42 free spins! Should you decide to sign up now that is. We don’t know for how long this extra welcome bonus offer will stay available. For now though, it will be. So, if you want to take full advantage of it we suggest you sign up right now.

Roaring 21 Casino is 100% USA Friendly!

Players from all States are welcome to play online casino gambling games in Roaring 21 Casino. Does not matter what state you are. If you’re a US player wanting to play casino games, then choose Roaring 21 Casino. With more than 150 of the best online casino games to choose from, 24/7 customer support to die for, many generous bonuses and promotions and insanely fast payouts, you will quickly come to see why Roaring 21 casino is truly going to be the ultimate online casino and gambling experience.

Don’t wait if you do not want to miss out on the extra free spins you can get during the opening festivities..

Visit Roaring 21 Casino!

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4 Responses to "Roaring 21 Casino Is Now Live!"

  • Adrian Hope says:

    Holy mackerel! I just checked them out and all I could think was wow. I’m downloading as I write this. Really looking forward to this one. Download and install are done now. If you don’t mind, I am signing up and going to get me those 21 free spins!

  • Lisa says:

    I agree with both you Walt as well as with Adrian. I could not believe what I saw. Still really in awe. I’ve signed up too of course. I have been playing for quite some time. Support is really nice and the feel and luxurious ambiance… Top of the line!

  • Dwight Williams says:

    Over the moon! Roar!! What a great online casino this has turned out to be. I was disappointed when they did not launch the first week of April to be honest, but now, after having played and experienced it myself, I can say it was totally worth the wait. I think I have found myself yet another top online casino where I and my wife can play at!

  • Abbey says:

    Oh dear. Look at all this and that. I absolutely love these colors. Blue and gold. Who doesn’t like that? Mobile is hot stuff too. Was just talking to support to say hi, and they’re real nice. Look at the slots! I know my hubby wants to play blackjack, I want the slots! Looks like I’m going to get 42 free spins in total then. How nice. Enjoy everybody!

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