Warning About Grande Vegas Casino’s Terms & Bonuses.

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Here Is A Warning About Grande Vegas Casino’s Terms & Bonuses:

grande vegas refuses to pay out winnings

I’ve always been happy while playing in Grande Vegas, but after reading this post on 24hr online casinos about how Grande Vegas refuses to pay out winnings, I won’t play there anymore. Just to show my solidarity. If you decide you are going to play casino games in Grande Vegas Casino you might want to think twice. Someone over at 24hr online casinos has had a rather disappointing experience after winning a super big win on the new Bubble Bubble 2 slot machine there.

The player was given a free spins bonus on the Popinata slot machine. 25 free spins to be precise. After winning a few dollar the player then went and play on the Bubble Bubble 2 slot to try and make the bonus requirements set for the bonus. The player managed to make the requirements and shortly after, got a real lucky spin. A super big win on the slot machine caused the player to win more than $1100. In one spin! Bringing the player’s bankroll up to more than $1200 she decided to play up until $1000 as she was unsure if she did make the requirements and if or not she could cash out. She stopped at $1000 and to her delight found the word ‘Withdrawable’ under the amount she now had in her player account.

Here is the big win, as she recorded her game play:

The video starts when the player is in the second special feature free spins, at spin 18. The big win is around the 7:40 time frame.

She instantly contacted the Grande Vegas casino support to get her win confirmed. The first person confirmed and congratulated her. The second time she contacted support a few hours later, she was once more congratulated and was confirmed her win was legit. A third time contacting the support another few hours later resulted in receiving a gift in the form of a ‘congratulations with your winnings badge’ and yet another confirmation that indeed her win was legit, and would be paid out in less than 48 business hours. She decided to cash out $1000 and was over the moon.

Only to find out a day later that she was refused the pay out, because she had used two free bonuses without making a deposit in between. She was a regular depositing player there, and she was playing there for years. Never did she win, up until that day. And, her pay out was canceled.

As you will see in the post they did about this, it does state in the Grande Vegas Casino terms that if a player uses two free bonuses, any winnings will be void. As correctly asked on the 24hr online casinos site, why does a casino hand out bonuses that are against their own terms, with which nobody can win any money? Furthermore, they did not communicate with the player and simply deleted her win.

If you’re playing in Grande Vegas then make sure you keep an eye on what bonuses you use. Should you too make use of two free bonuses (Without thinking this could cause you to lose your winnings) then if you do win, prepare to kiss your winnings goodbye.

If you haven’t ever played in Grande Vegas, then you’re not missing much. I suggest you do not sign up. Instead, Sign up with either Cherry Jackpot Casino, or CasinoMax.

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  • walt says:

    Well Lisa,

    This one really sucks. I know the player in person. The money was a ‘god’s gift’ to them. To then get it confirmed by three support agents, one sent her a ‘congratulations with your winnings’ badge, and all three were showering the player with congratulations. Only for the player to find out that the payout was in fact canceled. I too stop playing. I’ve withdrawn my money and will close my account.

    I know, the discussions on the forums on how it ‘was in the terms’ but, this player played for years. Never cashed out more than $100 or so, and deposited monthly. She was given the bonuses and she was therefor unaware she was getting herself in so much trouble. Had she known, she would simply have made a deposit, and she would not have been as disappointed as she turned out to be. Not one word from the casino. That is what is bad too. A shame that she can’t get her winnings paid, its just as bad that the casino does not communicate.

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